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Some of the best pranks you can play on your friends on the internet
Everybody loves a free sms services right? You make sure that you donít write something bad on that message if you are sending it to some one you know... But this time it could be too late after you send it... Share this sms prank with friends to make them panic as they send the most unwanted messages they ever (never) send. ps: The text changes every time you play it but laughs are same;)
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The North Pole is melting and it is worst than first predicted. What are you gonna do? Inform your friends ?!!! Let them know how bad it is by making them look at the North Pole LIVE via SatCam satellite camera. Everybody talks about North Pole melting, nobody talks about how is Santa doing.
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Track any cell phone via GPS satellite. This free service will give your friends the thrill of their life. Let your friends know that they can track any mobile phone number location anytime and anywhere in the world. Donít forget! Everyone has someone that they wonder where they are and what they are doing! ;) ps: Also pretty good articles about how gps tracking works in real life.

Does your credit card have a security problem? Let your friends know there is a way to check the security of their credit cards Every country has different cerdit card security issues. But this one is for sure universally same. Especially a good joke to play on girls...They would deny the whole thing....... but you know better ;)

Do you know what your partner wants as a gift? Do your friends a favor and send this site for them to find the best gifts that their partners really want. After some profiling questions this site might get to know your partner better than you do. Try for both genders yourself to see different results.

Most sexy lotto number generator on the internet This lovely site is no joke! Yet its a great service. How do you pick your lotto numbers? Are you tired of playing your momís birthday for your lotto game everytime? The service has all the major lotto games in the world to pick you the most sexy and luck numbers in a corky 70ís game show feel.

If you have a jealous side you canít help but wonder where your partner is! Exploit your friendís fears and make them trace the phone number of their loved ones via gps . Similar concept as but the suprise at the end is far different. Just make sure your friends donít get carried away and think this is a real service :)

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